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Help Fund John W's Flight Training

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Hi, I’m John W!

All my life, I have loved to travel and wanted to pursue a career where I could see the world. I first became interested in aviation after taking a discovery flight when I was 16. However, becoming a pilot always seemed out of my reach because I had no connections to people in the industry, plus there have been financial concerns.

Even with these limitations, I told myself that nothing is impossible. I continued to reach out to people and do as much research as I could on aviation. Luckily, with the help of my college counselor, I stumbled upon Giving Kids Wings in 2022.

After I piloted a plane with them in November, 2022, my aspiration to become a pilot has only grown. I hope to earn my private pilot license soon! My dream in aviation is to work for Japan Airlines. Japan is an amazing country, and I hope more people have the chance to visit there.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been good at devoting myself to a hobby or interest. Whether it’s soccer or skateboarding or playing the saxophone, I put in countless hours to reach a point that I am proud of. There is still lots of room for improvement with my hobbies, but with practice and time, my goal is to continue to advance.

Now I’m putting this same energy to work on my aviation goals!

Help John W pay the costs of flight education, as he embarks on a life-changing journey of hope, dedication, and empowerment!